Preventative spring maintenance gets your car road-ready

3 Bay Service in Kitchener is owned by Kevin Ruby and operated by Kevin and his great team who all believe in the value of preventative maintenance. Like the home you purchase and continue to invest in, your vehicle is a major purchase — one that requires a commitment on your part to maintain its aesthetic appeal and overall mechanical safety. The professionals at 3 Bay Service encourage you to consider the value of regular spring automotive maintenance.

One of the first and most important things to do each spring is to switch off your winter tires (assuming you had them) in favour of a good set of summer radials. If you’re not in the market for a new set, just make sure the four tires you’re riding on all match and still have ample tread. After a long winter of hitting snow-damaged roads, you might want to consider getting an alignment done; it’s a much more affordable option than replacing tires suffering from uneven wear. This will also help improve your vehicle’s handling on the road. Check to make sure your tires are properly inflated, and do the same for your spare. You don’t want to be caught in an emergency situation without a spare in the trunk.

The change in temperature from winter cold to spring and summer heat puts your fluids to the ultimate test, so it’s important to check them before hitting the road for long trips or hauling your campers and ATV trailers. Get your old fluids changed, and get in the regular habit of checking your fluids to make sure they’re at proper levels. This is especially true for your coolant. When you’re racking up lots of summer kilometres, spending the money on top-of-the-line coolant is a good investment toward keeping your motor cool on hot days.

Warm weather means the return of air conditioning season, and 3 Bay Service suggests you book an air conditioning service appointment before the extreme heat rolls in. An efficient system should be able to maintain your interior temperature 10 degrees below the outside temperature. If it can’t, your system may be in need of refrigerant or repairs. Either way, have it serviced by a trained mechanic so that it can be returned to factory specifications.

For more information and spring maintenance tips, please visit 3 Bay Service at 338 Mill Street in Kitchener. Contact the auto shop by calling 519-745-5394. Logo

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